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Knuffelen met dapeppa!

Cuddling with dapeppa!

Cuddling with dapeppa!

It all started at the end of 2014 when Rick van Gendt van Happy Horse contacted us. Rick had come across the dapeppa cookie jars at the Shop Te Leuk in The Hague where Happy Horse cuddly toys are also sold. He liked the logo and the look of dapeppa so much that he thought this is also nice to make a cuddly toy.

We are fans of the original cuddly toys from Happy Horse and the idea that there would be a dapeppa cuddly toy seemed very funny to us, but at the same time we thought that we would like to focus on our own products. Moreover, we could like it, but who else is waiting for a cuddly toy from dapeppa?

a first version of the peppa cuddly toy

One of the first versions of the cuddly toy still full of pins and strange colors.

Despite the doubts whether we should do it, we met Rick and not very much later the first samples were made and he started to live a bit. We were sold.

What did we bump into?

  • Since dapeppa is not perfect and also somewhat asymmetrical, it was not easy to incorporate the same silly look of dapeppa into the cuddly toy. Several times, despite the fact that we indicated that the eyes should be slanted, a new version from China arrived and the eyes were neatly straight again and his ears were the same size again. That's weird too.
  • Choosing the colors was also not easy. Dapeppa really comes in all colors of the rainbow. We just stuck to the original drawing as much as possible.
  • The length of the neck. What kind of creature is dapeppa? Some people think it's a giraffe. We've asked him once. We don't really get a clear answer. Let's just say that it is a stubborn little creature in itself: A dapeppa.
  • All in all, the process from idea to the moment the dapeppa cuddly toys arrived in the port of Rotterdam took one and a half years.
Kees van Rijen with dapeppa hug

The creator of the dapeppa logo: Kees van Rijen

But now they are here. They are approved by dapeppa's creator, we love them and they come in two sizes. The little one is 32 cm long and the big dapeppa is even 85 cm long.

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