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tips om koekjes te maken

Five tips to make cookies even tastier

Five tips to make cookies even tastier

Five tips to make your homemade cookies even tastier

Janine bakes peppa nuts

Do you have a party coming up soon or do you just want to bake cookies? And do you try to gather all the ingredients in a hurry in the supermarket? Every baking enthusiast will probably recognize themselves in this. Dapeppa wants to make it as easy as possible for you to make homemade cookies. Because admit it, they really are the best! That is why dapeppa gives you five tips to make your homemade cookies even tastier.


  1. Make sure you have all the ingredients ready

This sounds more than logical, but make sure you go through all the ingredients again. This prevents you from having to pay an extra visit to the supermarket when you are about to bake your cookies. Do you want to prevent this? Then try our cookie jars, with which you have all essential ingredients together in 1 jar.

  1. Keep the same shape and thickness

Make sure you give all the cookies the same shape and thickness. This way, all cookies are gradually baked the same and you prevent one cookie from being burnt and the other not yet cooked.

  1. Turn your baking tray halfway through the baking process

Most ovens bake slightly differently at the front than at the back. So make sure that you turn the baking tray 1 time while baking cookies. This allows all cookies to cook at the same time. Just like the same shape and thickness, this prevents you from getting differences in your cookies.

  1. Let the cookies rest for a while

The cookies are ready! Especially with that delicious smell, your baking creation is hard to resist, but wait a while before you attack the cookies. They are still too soft. If you let the cookies cool down for a while, they will become nice and crispy and you can enjoy!

  1. Don't forget to share your cookies

Nothing is more fun than sharing your love for baking with others. Invite your family and nicest friends for coffee or surprise your neighbor with your homemade cookies. Are you ready to start baking?

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