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About dapeppa

Who is dapeppa?

Dapeppa is a young company where people work who are crazy about good food. We take great pleasure in inventing new products and we have been cooking and baking since the beginning in 2011.

We want to help you with our products in those special moments in life where you go the extra mile to serve something delicious. We provide the very best ingredients, the convenience and the working method. You then only have to do the fun work so that you can fully enjoy your own creations without it taking much time.

We have become known with our cookie jars with which you can easily bake the most delicious cookies yourself. The Peppanoten followed soon after, the most delicious speculoos nuts. We brought the South African beer bread to the Netherlands and adapted it so that you only need to add your favorite beer to enjoy this beer bread. We won a prize with the Savory Cookies, perfect combination with wine or beer.

Especially to let someone know that you are thinking of them, we have come up with nice and tasty gifts through the mailbox.

The starting point for all our products remains that we use good and honest ingredients, that they make it as easy as possible for you to get started in the kitchen without any worries and that it also makes you a little happy.

Dapeppa's Core Values

Dapeppa loves people, surprises and food. In any color, shape or taste! Everyone is unique, just like our products. We invent these products ourselves and are made exclusively by happy people.

Core values ​​dapeppa

Where do our products come from?

We only make our products with high-quality ingredients of known origin. We prefer organic products made by people we can meet.

This means that we should preferably be able to cycle there.

From the very first day we get our flour, for example, from miller Jos van Korenmolen de Zandhaas from Santpoort Noord.

Miller Josh

How and where are our products made?

Our products (such as the cookie jars) are made entirely by hand with a few tools. We make sure that every jar is filled to the brim with care and attention. The ingredients are weighed and then put into the jars.

We are convinced that you can see and taste that dapeppa's cookie jars are filled with attention by cheerful people.

In the first year, all jars were filled by Dennis and many guest bakers (friends). Until the moment came when the demand increased and we had to look for extra help. For example, since the end of 2012 we have been working together with various social work facilities.

Anouk with a bag of beer bread

Anouk fills a bag with beer bread

Michael at work

Michael at work

Jan and Jannie show the result

Jan & Jannie show the result