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Name and logo

Where does the name dapeppa come from?

(Dennis answers)

Beforehand I had not thought that choosing a suitable company name would be so difficult. One thing I knew for sure; I didn't want to name the new cookie company after myself. 'Dennis biscuits' was certainly not to be.

My best friends have been calling me Pepsi, Peppa or Dapeppa for many years and for fun the comment was made: "why don't you call it Peppa cookies?" This actually sounded quite nice and the choice eventually fell on dapeppa cookies. From that moment on, this made perfect sense and any other name became unthinkable.

My friends are still in tears when they hear it, but I'm happy with it because it didn't become Dennis biscuits and yet it was a bit...

The creature that has become our logo

Fortunately, the creator of the creature and I quickly agreed on the rights. It happened to be my father.

Creatures of dapeppa

Logo now

Through the collaboration with the great people of brum design, dapeppa lives and comes in all kinds of shapes and colors. If you didn't know any better, it could be a human.

Logo family