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How do you make beer bread? | bake and serve tips

Making beer bread is incredibly easy if you use Dapeppa's baking mix. You just need to add your favorite beer to the mix and stir a little. Then it can go into the oven to bake nicely brown. Is the bread ready? Enjoy! Your own baked bread tastes extra delicious.

What goes well with the beer bread?

Baking bread with beer is incredibly easy if you use our baking mix. But what's good to eat with bread?

The beer bread becomes extra tasty by serving it with some salted butter. In addition, you can also easily combine other things with the bread, just like you spread different things on 'normal' bread. To give you an idea of things that are very tasty on this delicious bread, we have made a small list for you. Here are some things that go well with the bread:

  • Of course all kinds of beer!
  • Cheese
  • Meat (parma ham)
  • Olive oil
  • Tapenade
  • Chutney
  • Tomato
  • Pickle

Two delicious flavors of beer bread

The beer bread is available in two delicious flavours:

Which beer types combine perfectly?

Your favorite beer naturally goes best with the beer bread. In principle, you can use all types of beer, but a beer with character does give extra flavor to the bread. We are happy to give you some suggestions of beers that we love ourselves. In general, we are very fond of Blond beers to make bread with. Consider, for example, Affligem Blond and Leffe Blond. You can also opt for a dark beer. With a dark beer, the bread also becomes a bit darker. So the choice is entirely up to you!

Would you like to try it yourself?

You can buy the dapeppa's beer bread at the various points of sale or in our webshop

We are very curious what you think!

Nice for a drink

Bake a pilsner sandwich for a drink. Your house will smell like fresh bread and your friends will wonder how you did it so well. Baking bread with beer may sound complicated, but with our baking mix that is not the case at all. Order the baking mix from us now! We are very curious what you think of the result. Do you have any questions about our products prior to your order? Please feel free to contact us and call 06 50845644 or send an e-mail to hallo@dapeppa.nl .

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