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nieuw bierbrood bij dapeppa

Beer bread, new at dapeppa

Beer bread, new at dapeppa

Under the motto 'you enjoy cookies more if you make them yourself', dapeppa's cookie bakers team now introduces Beer bread to bake at home. Complete with baking tin. All you have to do is add a can or bottle of your own favorite beer and the mix is complete. You can choose from three flavours. That will be delicious with the drink!

Dapeppa's cookie baker Dennis van Rijen first became acquainted with Bierbrood himself when he made a trip to South Africa last year. It is very well known there. He soon conceived the plan to introduce this special bread in a homemade variant in the Netherlands. He says enthusiastically: “The concept of Bierbrood immediately appealed to me. Also because everyone can get started with his or her own favorite beer: a regular beer, double bock beer, IPA or Triple Trappists, it's all possible. As a result, each bread tastes different.”

Drink bread

Dennis calls the beer bread ideally suited as a drink bread. It also goes well with a nice cup of soup. “We will initially come up with three flavours: cheese & onion, garlic & herbs and bruschetta spice . Delicious with a slice of aged cheese or sausage, although a nice thick layer of butter is actually enough.”

Tough packaging

Because beer generally appeals mainly to men, this is seen in the though gift packaging. Dennis doesn't think the step from cookies to beer bread is that big: "You make the best cookie yourself, just like the tastiest beer bread."

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