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Geen stress tijdens kerst, bak kerstkoekjes!

No stress during Christmas. Bake Christmas cookies!

No stress during Christmas. Bake Christmas cookies!

Christmas stress

You know. The weeks leading up to Christmas are often very rushed and stressful. You still have a lot to finish for your work. Buy gifts for your friends and family. Still thinking of the Christmas menu and when you've finally thought of making a shrimp cocktail as a starter, all shrimps turn out to be sold out... Pffffffff.

Christmas Eve you're already broken, stressed and not really fun at all. You prefer to go to bed early.

This while the period around Christmas should be a moment of reflection and you want to spend a lot of time with your family and friends.

No stress at Christmas

Imagine the following: it is Boxing Day. You managed to do all the shopping and everyone got their presents. Well done but that you now had a quiet moment with your family? Not really.

Fortunately, you suddenly remember that you read this blog about the X-Mas Cookies from dapeppa.

You were so smart to direct this delicious and easy Christmas cookie baking mix to order when you actually didn't think about Christmas at all. That's convenient.

You show the cookie bottle with the baking mix and everyone immediately gets excited. Let's go bake cookies!

You always have an egg and butter at home. Enjoy kneading cookie dough together. The house is already starting to smell nice. What a nice start to the day.

Relaxing with Christmas cookies on the couch.

The self-baked cookies go on a bowl and you pop together on the couch. Enjoying a large pot of tea and enough cookies to spend the rest of Christmas day together in a cozy and stress-free way. Proud of the homemade cookies. Zen at last :)