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lekkere hapjes bij bier

Tasty snacks with beer

Tasty snacks with beer

Which snacks go well with beer?

From May 19 to May 29 is the 'Week of Dutch Beer'. The aim of the organization 'Week of Dutch Beer' is to let consumers enjoy Dutch beer. We are happy to lend a hand with ideas for tasty snacks with beer.

Beer in the Netherlands

Beer, and especially specialty beer, is on the rise in the Netherlands. There are now more than 600 breweries and almost every city or region has its own beer. There is much to discover and enjoy. The range of very tasteful non-alcoholic beers is also increasing enormously.

Beer Food Combination

We can all name a certain wine that goes well with fish or maybe even with asparagus. You can also apply this to beer. Just look at the site Cooking with beer.

Also in restaurants you see more and more often that a special beer is recommended with a certain dish. A well-chosen beer adds a lot to the dish.

Perfect snacks with beer

What could be better in life than enjoying each other with your friends. It is a good habit when you invite friends for a drink at your home, to buy matching snacks in addition to special beers. Not just a bag of chips, of course, but snacks where you show that you have done just that little bit extra.

What goes well with a beer?

Every beer is of course different and it is therefore good to experiment with various beer / snack combinations. You can also ask for advice at various good beer shops / liquor stores.

You can think of:

  • Sausages / meatballs / charcuterie board.
  • Nuts such as walnuts, almonds. Make sure they are not too salty. As a result, the taste of the beer does not come into its own. Also not too fatty nuts such as peanuts. Maybe tasty, but your glasses will get greasy and then you will kill the head.
  • Cheese (try extreme cheeses such as blue cheese)
  • Bread (almost the same ingredients as beer :))
  • Beer bread, bread made with beer. This fits perfectly.