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Raisins soaking oliebollen

How long should you soak raisins for oliebollen?

Soaking raisins for oliebollen is simple and completely with our tips and tricks.

Soak the raisins in lukewarm water for 10 minutes. No longer because then they lose their taste. After soaking, drain the water and drain the raisins well in a sieve before using them in the Oliebollen batter.

You make the tastiest oliebollen with good quality raisins. At Dapeppa we use organic ingredients as much as possible. To make oliebollen, we recommend good quality raisins, for the tastiest oliebollen on New Year's Eve!

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Why do you have to soak?

By soaking the raisins, you prevent the dry fruit from drawing moisture out of the batter or dough, so that the Oliebollen dry out more quickly.

Easily soak raisins for oliebollen

Soaking raisins for oliebollen is easiest if you take a container that will comfortably hold the raisins. Then add some lukewarm water to the bowl so that the raisins are completely submerged. At Dapeppa we always leave the raisins for about 10 minutes. The raisins then absorb the water well. We call this process soaking. After ten minutes the raisins are soft and you drain them. Let them drain for a while. You no longer need the water. You can then mix the soaked raisins in your oliebollen mix.

Currants instead of raisins

To make delicious oliebollen , you can also opt for currants or other dried fruit instead of raisins. You can also choose to make a currant and raisin mix. Or think of cranberries or apricots. When you use currants for your oliebollen, it is again important that you buy good quality currants. You can always taste this quality in the end result!

Baking oliebollen

Check out this page for 10 tips on how to bake the tastiest oliebollen yourself.

Tasty Tip for soaking raisins

Rum instead of water

It is also surprisingly nice to soak the raisins in rum or, for example, limoncello or Grand Marnier instead of water. This really gives a special taste to your oliebollen. Try it out!

Try it yourself!

You can of course bake the tastiest oliebollen yourself! Try the raisin soak for your oliebollen yourself at home and taste the result! It is also nice to experiment a bit, for example by letting the raisins soak for fifteen minutes first and then for more than half an hour with the next round. Do you taste a difference? We are curious about your result! Do you have any questions about this technique or the other products in our webshop, such as our oliebollen mix? Then feel free to ask them by phone on 06 50845644 or send an e-mail to hallo@dapeppa.nl.

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