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Savory Biscuits with Wine and Beer

dapeppa's wijnkoekjes

Savory Biscuits to go with Wine or Beer.

The perfect nibble with Wine. These savory biscuits are specially made for wine and beer.
  • Taste matched to wine.
  • Original gift for wine or beer lovers.
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Hang the packaging around a matching bottle of wine.
  • The cookies are in a serving bowl. This bowl protects the cookies and is made of 100% recyclable material.

Wine biscuits

With her knees in the earth, picking grapes in the Bordeaux region, dapeppa came up with the idea for these wine biscuits. We often eat French cheese or some olives with a good glass of wine, but wouldn't it be great to put a nibble on the table that enhances the taste of wine? Now you can with the perfect bite with your wine or beer!

Best Novelty

Out of 44 nominees, dapeppa's 'Savory biscuits' won the 2nd prize 'Best Novelty 2018'. The jury judged the biscuits to be particularly original and innovative.
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